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Changing Filter

Oil Change


The Most Conscientious Grande Prairie Drivers Service Their Vehicles Regularly.

Oil really is your engine's lifeblood that keeps every moving part – well – moving. Your oil breaks down over time and gets dirty – it clogs the oil filter and causes engine wear and even failure. You leak or burn oil – parts weld together and the engine fails disastrously.

To help you extend the life of your car and keep your engine working, City Centre Automotive ensures your oil and filter change is done correctly. We use premium NAPA GOLD filters and oil that meets or exceeds factory specifications.

Because regular services are necessary, it is also the best time to inspect the rest of the vehicle (which we do free of charge during an oil service).  We provide a comprehensive inspection so you can keep on top of necessary repairs to keep you and your family safe.

Your job is to bring in your car on time according to your vehicle’s manual – or ask our technician. Then schedule your regular vehicle maintenance with oil and filter change.

And while you’re with us in Grande Prairie, let us offer an affordable 30-point inspection for safe and worry-free driving.

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